Fellside Loop

Planned a 30 miler on Saturday and it went wrong from the outset. On route to Fellside, Caldbeck, Ed realised that his Fenix hadn’t charged, I realised that I’d forgotten my head torch and we laughed about this run being doomed from the start. We parked at the usual place in Fellside and set off. About half a kilometre in we started having doubts about the route. We realised that we’d gone completely wrong and in despair, headed back to the car to regroup. After some discussion we decided to cut our run from 30 to 20 miles to make sure that we got back in daylight and set off again (in the right direction)

Fellside- oops wrong way
We headed from Fellside along the road to Longlands and then Orthwaite. From here we turned off at Peter House Farm (a CP on Grand Tour of Skiddaw) and followed the track towards Whitewater Dash. The Jeep from Skiddaw House passed us on the way, the two wardens there run the hostel 5pm-10am and it’s the only way you can access the House by car. I’ve stayed there twice and loved it both times.

Turn off from Peter House FarmP1000942
We followed this track to Skiddaw House and then cut back down along the Cumbria Way. This was our amendment to the route as we had planned to cut through the valley to Threlkeld and run around to Scales, Mosedale etc. A nice runnable section here and we followed this out of the valley to Mosedale.

Whitewater DashTrack to Skiddaw House
The weather was looking like it was on the turn and we did get hailed on as we ran along Caldbeck Common. This is a road section that is quite undulating. Saw the Fell Ponies unbothered by the wind/hail although it does look like a beautiful sunny day in the picture-it didn’t feel like it at the time!

At Calebrek we left the road and picked up a footpath along the lower fells. We followed this to Nether Row and Potts Gill. A low level grassy path and later track leads back to Fellside.
All told, around 21.5 miles. I think we made the right decision about cutting the route short, valuable lessons learned about checking kit and not assuming that you are going in the right direction without checking the map!


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