Lakes Mountain 42 Helvellyn Recce

Parked at Wythburn car park for this one and quickly realised we’d have some issues from the get go. Extensive forestry work meant that the route we’d planned had to be amended, so instead of heading up we took a route to Dunmail Raise and headed up to Grizedale Tarn. This might be what we need to do on race day.



From here we headed up Dollywagon, Nethermost Pike and on to Helvellyn. It was the most stunning day possibly the best day I’ve had on the fells.




 We then headed to Whiteside and from there began the long easy descent to Glenridding. From Glenridding we jogged along the path to Patterdale and picked up a steep road that crosses farmland following Grizedale Beck back up onto the fells.



We lost the path a little here, just goes to show with maps and gps you can still get it wrong. This made for a rough section up Falcon Crag, I’m dreading this part of the LM42 I think it will be tough going with tired legs. Still with that done and the realisation that the path was a few meters to the right of us, we reached Grizedale Tarn again and dropped down the way we came past the waterfalls down Willie Wife Moor.

A beautiful day but a bit of a reminder of just how tough this weekends race will be.

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