Skiddaw Run

Another great day for weather on Tuesday, with the LM42 at the weekend this would be our last run before the race. It’s a great little run this one and over the course of the 9 miles it has over 90 metres of ascent per mile- slightly higher than the TDS (although that’s over 74 miles 😱) so it’s a useful training run.

We parked behind the pools in Keswick and ran to Latrigg to pick up the Skiddaw ‘Motorway’ this is exactly as described and an example of how we like to mould the outdoors to fit our needs. It gets a mixed reaction here but I think by making certain fells more accessible it lets more people enjoy the outdoors, I do think it should be limited though to maintain the character of the Lakes.

Anyway we chose the motorway because it replicates the well trodden paths of the Alps and it makes for a fairly technical descent at speed. We took it fairly easy and we’d reached the summit and ran back to the car in just over 2 hours, progress from last time.




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