Up and Down

I’ve been very fortunate to be out and about on the fells this past month.  Happened to pick up a copy of Outdoor Fitness a few weeks ago and was surprised to see my picture in it! The article was about Lakes in a Day, a particularly challenging ultra that we completed last year, thinking about doing it again this year.


I have to say that while it was positive to reflect on our move up to the ultra this year it has also been a bit of a downer post LM42 and I’ve been kind of avoiding posting about our experience for that reason but here we go. We had prepared as much as possible for the race and had recced the route a number of times. When the day came we had both been feeling ill the day before and after a 4am start I certainly wasn’t feeling top form. I’ve ran ultras ill before notably Anglesey CTS ultra and got round so I was up for seeing how it went. Anyway the weather was absolutely shocking, the snow was horizontal and embarrassingly I soon found out that my gloves were not up to the challenge (I have invested in waterproof gloves since so at least one lesson learned). So Ed was not feeling great and we agreed to see how it went, the weather was still grim and after reaching the summit of Loadpot and reaching the foot of High Street we looked at each other and thought **** it. Not a proud moment but ultimately one that was the right decision for us, my hands were in a bad way  and Ed had various other complaints so we took the decision to run back to Askham and bow out. So since then we’ve been out many times, I ran the Keswick Half. We have the Howgills Marathon tomorrow and Calderdale Ultra in June so it certainly hasn’t affected our confidence or enthusiasm but we have learned lessons, would we have started if we had our time again on that day? Probably not, would I have been more up for carrying on if I had decent gloves? Maybe, would Ed have been well enough to carry on? Maybe not. So there’s not much point dwelling on it, success is marked by being able to go from failure to failure without loss of enthusiasm, so bring on the next failure I guess!

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