Longside, Skiddaw, Dash Falls

After Howgills my ankle has still been painful but we needed to bank a solid days climbing. We began with ambitious plans but with my ankle still sore we scaled it down to maintain the elevation but shorten the route, partly due to the weather closing in.

We started from High Side lay by and picked up the route to Longside Edge, good paths up a long undulating ridge. The cloud was pretty low and visibility very poor. We followed this ridge to the foot of Skiddaw where we climbed the steep shale path to the summit.

 We then passed the summit cairn and headed down Bakestall, after dropping down the mist began to clear a bit 

We then took the well trodden footpath to Dash Falls 



The track winds down to Peter House Farm where we followed the road back to the car. My ankle felt a bit better towards the end, I made sure I took it easy and it was more like a hike than a run, still hopefully hit the fells again tomorrow and see how my ankle fairs in the run up to the Calderdale Ultra. 


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