Binifaldo-P. Tomir

Rented a car and drove to Lluc to access the Tramuntana Range. We were aiming for Puig Tomir (1103m), it was good to be out and about, I’d spent the last couple of days running on the treadmill. Same song on repeat, 30 Seconds To Mars, Up in the Air.

Another early start today though (5.30 am) but essential to escape the oppressive heat. We ended up parking at Sefobasa, near Binifaldo and picked up the trail from there.

It was a great temperature for running and the trails were fairly well maintained (at this point, more on that later) the path gradually gained height.


 Forest gave way to mountain scenes.

At this point we were faced with a rocky scramble up the side of the mountain, not exactly my forte, I can get a bit anxious about heights. 

Anyway, it got steeper and steeper…

This continued for some time and the thought did occur to me that it was going to be even more difficult getting back down. When we got to the top of P. Tomir, it was all worth it, the views were absolutely stunning.

We continued to a few other minor summit cairns, the surface was tricky to run on, rocky and unpredictable, covered with thorns.

So next came the decision that shaped the rest of our day on the Tramuntana Range, do we go back the same way? Or do we continue on, through the pass and circumnavigate around the side? I thought about that scramble up the rock face and opted for the pass, it added on miles but seemed more palatable on the map. It started well:

The path rapidly disappeared into the grass as did my positive outlook, it really was tough going. The grass cut my shins to bits and it seemed to go on for an eternity. So I’m not going to spend time describing the way back, Zizek sums up well in his book ‘Event’ and his analysis of the Buddhist concept of suffering:

…But even at this point of misery, if I am asked ‘Was it worth it? You are a ruin now!’ The answer is an unconditional ‘Yes! Every moment of it was worth it! I’m ready to go through it again!’

Slavoj Zizek, Event, Buddhism Naturalised


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