Howtown-High Street-Rest Dodd

Woke up late and tired, felt like I could have slept for days. Had planned a long run for Saturday but after a night of Cuba Libres and a bottle of wine, that was put on hold until today. The forecast was less favourable than yesterday so I knew it was going to be pretty wet and miserable.
Shortened the route to take into account the rain and high winds but started at the same place- Howtown. From here we followed the path up the valley that travels parallel to High Street

The weather held for the first few miles and then the rain slowly set in, it didn’t dampen our mood too much and it was a good opportunity to test some of my new kit- mainly my waterproof gloves (more like bright pink oven mitts). They faired ok, pretty tricky using them with poles so might have to have a rethink for the TDS.

We joined up with High Street and followed the path to the cairn on top of Wether Hill and then Red Crag, Raven Howe and High Raise.

At this point the loop curves around The Knott and you have several options. We took the steep uphill to Rest Dodd, seeing a herd of Red Deer along the way. The path is badly eroded and as we passed through Deer Forest we were faced with trenches of bog. This is where poles come in handy to help vault across the boggy crevasses, although it does require an element of skill and it was hit and miss, I’ll leave it at that.

A very steep descent brought us down The Nab to Martindale and the bottom of the valley. We were both soaking wet by now and talk had turned from upcoming expeditions to lighting the stove, baths and drinking Beaujolais- an incentive to hurry on home. A short way past Hause Farm we cut back around to Howtown and ended our run- 11 miles and 1000m of ascent.


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