Cumbria Way Loop

Lazy day today so I went for a lazy run. It was quite windy but warm as well, in sheltered areas it felt very peaceful and calm. I was thinking about all sorts of things, posing questions to myself in my head but kept answering them out loud! Thankfully there were only a few bemused-looking cows to judge me.. Cows always look fairly bemused anyway so I didn’t let it worry me too much.

It’s a nice little run (around 4.5 miles) with a good mix of trail, forest and road. I do enjoy variety and it’s rare to get such changing terrain on a short run like this. It works out well as a night run as it’s technical enough to keep you sort of concentrating but not so much so that it prevents you from daydreaming.


Got a race on Saturday, it’s going to be a tough one. The past couple of ultras we’ve intended to do haven’t happened, for whatever reason, so it will be good to test our mettle on a challenging self nav route. As usual it will just be a case of turning up looking like we know what we’re doing and not giving up when it gets rough. 

Will hopefully get out again this week.

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