I’ve been recovering since the Bradwell fail and found myself exhausted for a good few days. It wasn’t until Thursday that I attempted some physical activity (bouldering) and I was so wiped out, after I got home I could barely keep my eyes open. Shattered.

All this has been very worrying, as I’m entered for the TDS next week. It was always going to be a stretch but now it feels less like a stretch and more like a dive off a cliff. I don’t like the idea of starting something that in all likelihood will be abandoned but this is the reality of the situation, I’m not prepared to push myself beyond my limits and risk my health so I’m going to start it and do what I can do. Even so, it’s a week in Chamonix and I get to experience the atmosphere and run in the Alps, if that’s for 10 miles or 75 miles it will still be worth it.

On the plus side, I did my usual short loop on Saturday and felt pretty good, so hopefully on the mend.

Today I ran to meet Ed after work, it was a beautiful day and I didn’t want it to end so we stopped off at home and picked up the campervan. We drove up to Caldbeck and parked at the disused quarry, heading out on the footpath for another quick run. Afterwards (and my real reason for wanting to go to the quarry) we perched on our usual spot, looking down into the amphitheater below and watched the wild rabbits.


My favourite Beatrix Potter book was always ‘The Story of a Fierce Bad Rabbit’ I know he loses his tail and whiskers but I always loved that book as a child…and he lives to fight another day. Not as exciting in the quarry this evening but still very enjoyable.


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