Monkey Gone To Heaven

Drove up to Keswick yesterday evening in the camper van, it was wet, grey and dreary. Ed was doing the Latrigg Fell Race along with around 200 other runners, I decided to do an easy 5k while he was racing. As we were at the start we spotted Steve Birkenshaw- an absolute legend in fell and trail running. We’ve always followed his achievements and watched all the documentaries that he’s been featured in so it was great to see him running in the flesh. 

I watched as they all bounded away towards Latrigg and then set off for a much more sedate jog to Friars Crag and back.

Ed did really well, finishing just outside of the top quarter. His super speedy time meant we could go out for dinner afterwards, bonus. So over a very nice curry we discussed future camper trips, our upcoming Chamonix adventure and events for next year. 

I have this feeling setting in that Summer is over (and it is for me in two weeks!) the Chamonix trip signifies the end of a year for us, from qualifying to training to getting injured to not training etc. It’s something that has been on the horizon for so long, now it’s here, it’s like end time. I feel sad about it, I suppose everyone wants things to last forever, playing outside down the river until the stars were out (getting b*llocked for returning home late and covered in mud), deliberately missing the last bus home, re-living moments that were so short at the time but can last forever in your head- the fear of forgetting, ever present. We have lots to look forward to, notably our second time doing Lakes in a Day in October, CTS Anglesey Ultra in Jan, Hardmoors, to name a few. So whatever happens in Chamonix, it’s a good place to draw a line and look forward to new things starting in September.

As a man casts off his worn-out clothes and takes on other new ones, so does the embodied soul cast off his worn-out bodies and enters other new.

Bhagavad Gita 2:22

One of the songs that I was probably listening to as I missed that last bus home:

Pixies-Monkey Gone To Heaven

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