Some reflections and a little run

Feeling a bit sorry for myself today πŸ˜”, got a cold and can’t find my hot water bottle πŸ˜” and there’s a wasp in the kitchen so I’m too scared to go in πŸ˜”.

Also back at work soon after being here for a week:

First world problems. Yes.

So got back from the Alps and had a couple days off. Headed out for a 9 mile trail/road run yesterday to Sebergham Church, felt pretty good. In terms of recovery I think I’m pretty much there, I’m retaining some tension in my shoulders, definitely a bag issue, but other than that I’m ok. Aiming to run a short race on Saturday, body feels fine, bit of a head cold. I’ve ordered a race vest to to help with the shoulder aches, hopefully that will arrive tomorrow.

In terms of the TDS, I’m still at peace with the decision to bow out and looking at the stats there were record DNF rates across the races, just goes to show what an impact the heat can have. Having discussed it with Ed we have decided to put in for it again next year, now we know what to expect, the key will be descending into Cormet de Roselend before it gets dark, an achievable goal.

Ed turns 30 in December, I was looking at taking him to Rome (we’d gone for our ‘6 month anniversary’ back when we first got together in uni) and you can book a running tour of the city- but we have done Rome a few times now and although I do love the place, it didn’t seem like the best choice for his birthday. When we were walking around the ultra expo in Chamonix we came across Ecotrail Madeira- offering a 45 mile, 4000m elevation trail run in October, starting in Funchal. We’ve been to Madeira before and it seems to fit in with work so it looks like that could be a 30th birthday present to remember! Need to book that this week.

A few reflections there and a little run. Will hopefully be reviewing a successful little race on Saturday night…


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