Old Corpse Road Loop- Haweswater

Rheged is showing the Steve Birkenshaw Wainright attempt film. A real testament to endurance and determination, Steve being an unassuming man who just does what needs to be done. What a hero. It was motivation for us as we discussed it over dinner on Saturday night.

Sunday morning, we drove up to Haweswater and parked at the footpath for the Corpse Road, objective for the day was to cover the south eastern ridge and valley, maintaining a steady pace on the uphills.

The initial grassy climb up Mardale Common was relatively easy going and it wasn’t long before we were over the brow of the ridge and looking down into Swindale Valley. 

We dropped down and tracked Mosedale Beck past the cottage and began the climb up to Gatescarth Pass. There was a lot of ground water and it was pretty soggy over Adam Seat and Harter Fell.

A sharp climb led us through Nan Bield Pass, from here we took the rocky descent down past Small Water. 

It’s quite rocky here and I had a couple of near misses, Speedcross really do not cope well on wet rocks. The path emerges at the far end of the Resevoir, we picked up the road and completed the circular route back to the turn for Old Corpse Road. 11 miles, 1000m elevation.


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