Short jog today, first run post Lakes in a Day so took it really easy. Gorgeous autumn weather.

We discussed the race last weekend, overall it went well. We got our nutrition right and even though we were both full of cold we still put in a fairly respectable performance (finishing around halfway up the field- hopefully gain some more places once the time penalties are applied).

So looking ahead, Ecotrail Madeira is on the horizon. Same distance as Lakes in a Day but with an additional 1000m of elevation (5400m in total). It will be challenging, typically Madeira is wet this time of year, hopefully the trails will be fairly runnable. It’s the first time for this event so who knows, (as I’m typing this I’m watching The Man Who Would Be King) as usual, with our lack of consistent training it will be a case of:

We’ve got to brass it out, Danny. Danny brass it out!

Back to today, around 5 miles of easy jogging. Felt good to be out.


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