Goodnight Moon

Tried to sort kit today- felt lazy so didn’t get very far. Brought the suitcases downstairs, looked up the hotel (spa facilities…), watched some old Star Trek, distracted.

I’m looking forward to going away, another little adventure. It will mark the end of ultra racing for this year (maybe) and we will be looking ahead to next year’s events, we’ve signed up for two already and there are three others that we will enter once registration is open. It will also be the beginning of a more separate running life, as Ed develops his fell running and I decide on my own focus- most likely shorter trail races. 

This will probably the last run before Ecotrail Madeira, waited all day for Ed to finish work (going out twice is probably not a good idea this close to the race). Stunning autumnal colours, a beautiful evening, half-term hair, picked up a sparrow- it flew away.

 A run has helped me regain some focus, I enjoy running most deeply when it’s getting dark, twilight. It’s transformative for me, I’ve written before about my head torch avoidance and frustration at Ed’s over-zealous lumen fascination, this evening was no exception. 

Successfully navigated our way through herds of excitable cows, Ed getting me to sprint up a hill be shouting “They’re chasing us!”… They actually were chasing us. 

Anyway, we survived, 8.4 miles. Goodnight moon.


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