KMF 10K Race Review

This is a little later than I’d like as I’ve not been feeling very well. On the mend now I think!

So woke up on Saturday feeling a bit under the weather, a lot of pressure in my head. Sometimes it helps to do some exercise when feeling like this so we decided to do the race but take it easy.

It had snowed, all my posts referencing the cold seem a tad prophetic- but what do we expect in late November? I felt a bit nauseous in the morning so I didn’t have my usual porridge, something I would regret later.

We set off to Kendal in plenty of time and I had an energy drink on the way down, hoping it might pick me up a bit. There was a thin covering of snow over the fells and although it was freezing, the clear skies and sun made it bearable.



  We registered in the Town Hall and had a little time before the start. I was freezing. I have a love/hate relationship with gloves (much to Ed’s annoyance/amusement) I’ve been through so many pairs- for context, my extremities are prone to going white/blue and losing all feeling, then when feeling does come back it is extremely painful. I’ve tried all sorts of gloves, from SealSkins, to ski gloves, thermal gloves, the list goes on… Anyway, after the joke of trying to get gloves on in Madeira, Ed bought me mitts. So, now I have huge pink mitts…and they kind of work.

The initial climb was tough but easier than I remembered. Soon we’d climbed Best Banks and were up on the fells. It starts off grassy and gradually becomes rocky. Thanks to the snowfall, we were treated to the most amazing views of the Lakeland Fells on one side and the Pennines on the other. It’s rolling grassy hills from here until the golf course, after a steep descent, the route winds back along narrow cobbled streets into Kendal town centre.

In terms of racing, maybe not the most successful, finished in the top third, around 5 mins ahead of last time. I did very much enjoy it, I love Kendal, I really can see myself living there and the atmosphere of KMF was brilliant.

Nice to leave footprints on the first snowfall. 

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