49 Minutes in the Shed

I usually start my posts making some comment on the weather- a British thing maybe? It’s mostly because if I’m out and about, it’s the first thing on my mind, obviously it affects kit choice, route and also my general demeanour pre run.

Today is no different, weather is bad. But this time, race is cancelled. It should have been the Langdale Pudding Run 10K but due to flooding resulting in road closures the organisers made the right decision to cancel the race.

So what to do? Well I slept in, had a cup of tea and my advent calendar chocolate (Thomas the Tank Engine this year) and thought about the best way of getting a run in. There will be no driving anywhere today and I won’t be running outside either, very high winds and flooding. 

I haven’t done any exercise all week, it has been a little busy so I did need to do something. In the end I resorted to the treadmill. Now the treadmill is in the shed, I have to run a wire from the house. I’m a little scared of spiders, the vibration from the treadmill shakes the shed so I’m always concerned a less experienced spider might lose its many footing and fall on me. My other, probably more serious concern is of me losing my footing on the treadmill….if that happens I will be shot into a pile of bikes, a chainsaw and through the shed. 

Anyway, life is full of risks.
Put a buff on my head as a first line of defence against spiders. It’s so windy here and it was blowing through the shed, it made it quite refreshing. I was going at a steady pace and had forgotten about spiders after a couple of miles. I should however have been prepared for obstacles as around 3 miles in a cardboard box blew onto the treadmill, I successfully hurdled it but it was a close one! 

6.2 miles in 49 mins- not too bad considering the lack of exercise this week and indulgence last night.

Also my picture is in the online Open Adventure newsletter which was a surprise:


“Ultra running- eat sausage rolls, walk up mountains, break into a light jog if anyone is watching.”


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