Winner Winner Chicken Dinner

Off work today due to the flooding, thoughts with all those affected.

Slow start, watched Digimon in bed- what a crazy show that was. Anyway after all the rain today is a beautiful day so no shed for me. Lots of road closures so we avoided driving. We’ve been to Sicily a couple of times and we stay in Ortigia, Syracusa, the airport is in Catania so we have a night there. One time, we got there really late, there was nowhere to get any food and we were starving. The hotel was weird. Only thing available was a vending machine that just did hot drinks, we got one and sat in our room and we were so hungry, we talked about food- I was fantasising about chicken dinner and when we got home Ed cooked me one. 

Today is a chicken dinner day. We decided to tie it in with a run so we ran to the shop and back, Ed was on chicken carrying duty and did it well (it’s uphill on the way back so not easy)



Around 6 miles, just waiting on the dinner now.


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