Pretty good conditions for running today, cold but dry and still. The fells are covered in snow, with more forecast.

Had planned to do an out and back to the church in Sebergham but sadly the trail was inaccessible due to flooding. It’s amazing how different everything looked, the banks had collapsed exposing the red clay and the river itself has split and it was coursing around what was probably its original meander. It meant the run was interrupted and after attempting to find a way through and failing, we just messed about for a while.
After jumping around on rocks and doing some birdwatching (grey wagtail and heron today) we turned around and headed back across the river towards Dalston. 


  To be honest, you couldn’t really call today’s escapade a ‘run’. We were just playing around, climbing over fences, it was fun.

Now watching Studio Ghibli’s delightfully esoteric Pom Poko.

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