All or nothing, Latrigg loop

The past couple of days I have been enjoying the Christmas spirit a little too much. The problem with being a focused person, for me anyway is that there is not really a continuum of all——-nothing, it is simply one or the other. It’s a blessing, if I decide I’m going to do something, I’ll give it everything, however that can work both ways, if I decide I’m going to treat myself, I will push the limits. Something I need to work on.

So with limits being reduced to a dot in the distance this festive season, it’s time to channel my focus back into running. 

Today, governed by an improving weather forecast, we set off to Keswick mid afternoon. It was very mild for mid-December, warm enough for shorts (admittedly it was not quite warm enough for bare legs, I wore knee high socks), the wind was pretty bracing but was beginning to die down a bit by the time we set off. 

We parked at Brundelholme Lane and headed up Spooney Green Lane towards the steepish hill through the woods

The path levels out a bit here towards the turn off for Latrigg summit. The route zig zags up a grassy hill, making for quite good running. By the time we reached the summit, the wind was really strong and it was beginning to rain.


  After the summit there is a sublime grassy descent. We were running pretty fast and laughing at each other as we skidded down. Ed had a couple of near misses, I did take a tumble and was covered from head to toe in mud down one side of my body. No harm done- a little bruised maybe, we saw the funny side and continued (with caution) down the hill. At the bottom, we picked up a track through the woods, known as ‘the rollercoaster’, it was rather undulating and signs of flooding were clear to see. The Tarmac was warped and cracked. We eventually emerged onto the road (over a fence- the track had been closed but only from one direction). It was really pouring down at this point and I was pleased to get back to the car, soaking wet and covered in mud.

It was just so good to be out and to suffer a little bit. All or nothing can be a good thing.


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