Merry Christmas

It’s Christmas Day. I’ve run 6.5 miles, if I can run today, I can run any day- that’s why I do it!

Yesterday, we ran a little road loop around Raughton Head, not much, around 3.5 miles. Terrible weather, but it was good to be out.

Today at church, the vicar gave a sermon that made me think. It was a story about stepping outside of comfort zones in order to better understand others. It concerned an injured bird, and no matter what the person did, it would struggle, panic and try to get away. It perceived the rescuer to be a threat, so big, so powerful, so remote. How could the person help? How could the bird understand that it was not in danger?

It is pretty obvious without spelling it out, what this little story is referring to, on this day. As I retold it in its entirety to Ed on our run, he thought it was an “interesting take”.

We ran back past the church, towards Bog Bridge. The river is still high. We tracked across the fields to Serbergham and cut up onto the road. From here we ran back through Welton to home. 6.5 miles in total.

Now, I am with my family, the people who matter to me most. Christmas Dinner is on its way and I’ve eaten several home made sausage rolls. I am most definitely buried in my comfort zone.


The Light of the World, William Holman Hunt, 1851.


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