Yesterday the weather was beautiful, such a contrast to the day before- grey, pouring rain. 

I didn’t feel like running but it seemed such a shame to waste the good weather so I got my kit on and planned to do a short road loop of around 3 miles. 

I don’t really listen to music while running, only when I’m on the treadmill but as it was a pretty uninspiring route, I made an exception. It had a positive effect as after the first mile, spurred on by 30 Seconds to Mars, I decided to add a bit more to my route. Annoyingly, my Garmin conked out half way through (after assuring me it was charged, such a little liar that thing). When I texted Ed afterwards to moan about it, autocorrect changed it from Garmin to garlic…. Luckily he deciphered the message but only after wondering why/how ‘my garlic had conked out’.

So I think it was 4/5 miles, new Speedcross arrived today. This is my 4th pair.



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