I had a nice lie in this morning and woke up looking forward to heading to Ennerdale for a run. I’ve ran a couple of 5k’s this week, at the gym and on road so the prospect of getting out and about was heartening.

It was raining heavily (as usual) by the time we got there. It was the first outing of my brand new Burton gloves- it has been trial and error with gloves the past year, not one pair has kept my hands sufficiently warm so I decided to invest in some serious gloves. Mittens, complete with liner, zip pocket, waterproofing, little elastic thing to keep them on your wrists- the business. In fact, these are the 6th pair since last Jan and as we set off, I was feeling confident that I’d cracked it.

The trails around Ennerdale are very runnable and it’s a special place for me as it was where my primary school used to take us for our residential. I remember those trips being the pinnacle of my childhood dreams, building dens, pond-dipping, hot chocolate by the fire…just brilliant.

 Our usual route takes us down the track side of the lake for around 3 to 4 miles, we then cross the bridge to the other side and pick up the forest trails.

  The rain stopped and occasionally, the sun would break through the clouds. Soon Black Sail Hut came into view and the snow-capped fells.

As we reached the end of the valley, the weather was closing in a bit. We wondered about doing another loop, I thought it might be better if we stuck with one loop but climbed up to the snow line and then ran back down. So we headed up, it was extremely wet and we were sliding all over the place. Ed loves jumping theatrically over streams and puddles, I prefer using my poles to vault but I didn’t bring them today. When it came to a particularly squelchy patch of mud, I played it safe and picked the best route, Ed had advised me it was slippy. Next thing, I’m on all fours in the bog, my gloves are entirely submerged…so were they waterproof? Well I don’t know as the bog water and detritus filled them up to the top….they kept the water in, that’s for sure. Just checked the label….not machine washable. Blahhhh.

I felt sorry for myself, my hands were cold. We headed back. 17 miles.


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