A couple of weeks ago I was looking at art and stumbled on a Japanese artist Takashi Murakami. Now I’ve seen his work before in various formats but never associated it with an ‘artist’…His work is very interesting and exists in his self-created genre of superflat, it was highlighted a few years ago though a collaboration with the Louis Vuitton brand to feature on some of their accessories. I like the kawaii, psychedelic aspects to a lot of his work and the vibrant dischord in his colour choices. He is controversial and challenging, not all of his pieces concern flowers…

The piece below is not my favourite but what did get me thinking was the title: ‘I recall the time when my feet lifted off the ground, ever so slightly’…


I recall the time when my feet lifted off the ground, ever so slightly, Takashi Murakami, 2010

Can you recall a time like that? When you’ve been so moved, emotionally, physically, spiritually?

A runner’s high. The low, post race… When you hit the ground again. 

Am I lifting off the ground, ever so slightly? Or am I dropping back down?

Today was wet, and muddy, I managed around 2 miles, enough to get the legs moving after yesterday. Far from physically ‘lifting off the ground’, I was sinking. Still, even though it was short, it was worth it, I felt so happy just to be outside with my head in the clouds- things are just peachy. 


Such Cute Flowers, Takashi Murakami, 2010


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