Paella Dash- By Ed

Yesterday it turns out, I ran in Ed’s leggings. I thought that they were a little roomier in places, today I found my own and we went for a run. I wasn’t going to post about it, I try and write things that are (hopefully!) a bit thoughtful and interesting…to me anyway. I do mostly write for myself but I do sometimes wonder what people would want to read about if they clicked on my blog. 

I didn’t think another post about running to the shop would be worth posting about but Ed did.

So here is a blog post from ‘guest writer’- Ed.

Paella Dash

As is usual on a Saturday morning, Hailey and I sat down to discuss the day’s plans over a coffee (me) and tea (her). Following  a swift look out of the window and regarding a grey horizon of cloud where Carrock Fell should be, we quickly decided that a day on the fells was out of the question. One of my favourite local runs combines another of my favourite pastimes – cooking. There is something very wholesome about running to the shop, picking up your ingredients and then making something delicious for tea. It also helps to sell Hailey on the idea – the promise of cooking her something she likes for dinner always sweetens the deal.

Today we settled on paella, definitely one of our favourites but something that also requires a bottle of wine- not necessarily a thrilling prospect when running back up the hill in a backpack!

The run to Dalston Coop is not really worthy of description, except to point out that it is all downhill. Got to the Coop and Hailey picked out one of the wheeled baskets – this was swiftly returned when I pointed out that if we couldn’t carry the basket round the shop I certainly couldn’t carry it up the hill in a backpack!


The run home could have been more eventful – bouncing up and down with 2 bottles of prosecco might not be what the Trevisans had in mind. Luckily there were no explosive dramas and I am now back home and ready to start cooking.


Paella pictures to follow…

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