10 Years

We chose today to celebrate the fact that we have been together for ten years. A blink, not even that in the grand scheme of things, but this less than a blink has been the most important in my life, how could it not be? He is my saint and I know that I will never measure up, but I also know that is ok because he loves me and my flaws.

On with the post. The GoPro has meant that I can take pictures very easily and so can document more of the route. This will be useful for us as we often get lost, a few more pictures will hopefully serve as little reminders. Ed also has a great laugh with this gadget and there is an extensive blooper reel that will never see the light of day- it has given us much hilarity this evening. You let me laugh at you, when you fall (off chairs, in the outdoors….on decking…), when you were electrocuted (a little…), your relationship with a certain antiques dealer….

The weather was great but clouds were threatening snow and there had been sleet on the drive in over Shap. We decided to take jackets just in case but no route map as this would be the fourth time we’d run it, following the KMF 10k route.

We started from the town centre and headed up towards Beast Banks.   
An insight into my navigation skills: 

Getting lost reminds me of the first time we got lost, walking back from a night out, over walls and fields, through schools and fences…it rained, we didn’t care.


We made it onto the fells after a steep incline, flushed or scorched with lovely fevers as I quoted Rimbaud to Ed at 4am as we sat on the floor of my room in Richardson Road, Newcastle University


We went off track, as usual. Thankfully, you can’t really go wrong once you get to Scout Scaur and we were graced with the most stunning views of snow-capped fells in the distance.

After a grassy field section and a footbridge, the route crosses a golf course (The driving range….enough said right!?) and then drops down into Kendal.


We’re now drinking champagne and watching the sunset. The same sun that bled into the clouds, as orange as a scallop roe (remember that meal?), the warm glow that makes everything feel so sleepy and calm, you took my hand on the rooftop in Udaipur and we didn’t say a word.


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