Grizedale Pike – Whinlatter

It was a late start, by the time we got our act together it was 12.30pm. I am full of cold and so everything seemed to be going in slow motion, gathering kit, packing bags, putting on socks.

Eventually we made it and parked in our usual spot halfway up Whinlatter Pass. One of the good things about Grizedale Pike is that you’re climbing straight away so you make headway pretty fast. Conditions were great for running- a little cloudy. 

We made pretty good time and amongst the gathering cloud and deepening snow, a murder of crows flapped noisily into the air. 

It was atmospheric and reminded me of the Himalayas when the cloud was so quick to descend, you might get a quick glimpse of snowcapped peaks, then gone again. 

The cloud was moving quickly and it was swirling around us on Grizedale summit, we then dropped down and on to Hopegill Head. 

The path was pretty hard to find and what followed was a rather tricky descent, made more difficult by the melting snow and slippy shale. After bottom-sliding to a more runnable path we pressed on up Ladyside Pike. 

The sun was shining, we took a shortcut, it didn’t work out too well for us.

The ‘shortcut’ took us into Whinlatter Forest, it was a ridiculous move as there was no discernible path and the woodland was so dense we were hacking our way through (we never have much luck with forests). Finally we found a track and ended up doubling back on ourselves to rejoin the main Whinlatter road. On the way Ed spotted a pond full of frogs so we sat and watched them for a while. The light was lovely and cast a pinky glow over the fells as we descended down towards Braithwaite.


A back to basics fell run, just what I realised that I’d been missing, it filled a gap. Can’t wait for Hardmoors 55 next weekend.


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