It’s 5am and I can hear the sound of a bell, gently ringing. It’s sporadic, sometimes it rings loudly, other times, so frail you can barely hear it. I know it’s the rabbit, he starts nudging the bell on his cage when he wants fed in the morning. The problem is, he has decided that 6.30am is far too late. So that’s the story of how the rabbit lost his bell, we gave him another one, to roll around, but this got taken away at night time.
I know that people will say that ‘it’s just a rabbit’, he was….you’re ‘just a human’ you know. One of the funny things about humans is our ability to project onto other things, to personify, anthropomorphise, it helps us ‘make sense’ it helps us relate, it helps us to feel. The rabbit is a little like this, he become an expression of how I was feeling. When he licked me, I felt like he loved me, did he? Can rabbits love? Maybe not, does that make it meaningless? No, not for me. He meant something to me.


Bless you my little man. Rest in peace.

Went for a run today, just over 5 miles. I didn’t enjoy it very much, wet grey, rainy. I am feeling better about Hardmoors, looking at the results, we’d gained around 10 places on last year, plus 17% DNF’d this year. That’s quite high for a race like that, just goes to show how challenging it was, I still can’t quite put my finger on why though.


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