Medal of the Month

Well this last week has been pretty sparse running-wise. Got out a couple of times for some short local runs. My new pedals arrived for my road bike so got out on that….fell off (from static)…twice.

Went for a ‘speedy’ 5k today, felt fairly good and enjoyed a brief spell of sunshine. We’ve had the LM42 hanging over us- it’s on Saturday. Closing date for entries is Thursday although we decided that today was decision day.

It was also a day of tidying up. I’m quite fastidious with saving my race numbers and medals. I’m sentimental. I like boxes of ‘stuff’, I like to look through these boxes from time to time. I keep little things that remind me of people, places, stuff like that. So as I tidied, I put Ed’s numbers and medals away, alongside mine. After a while, he came to see where I was, I was looking through our running box. So new thing, first Sunday of the month is ‘Medal of the Month’.

Medal of the Month:

Anglesey CTS- first marathon for us. We loved it. We were so inexperienced, our jackets were windproof, not waterproof, my feet were ripped to shreds by the end, Ed’s knee was playing up. Even so, when the sun came up and we saw the cliffs, the sea, the lighthouse it all felt so worthwhile. Came back the next year for the ultra. Sadly, both are no longer offered by CTS.

So decision time, LM42… See you in Askham on Saturday, 5.30am.


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