Langdale 10k Race Report

The Pudding Run in December was cancelled due to awful weather, this was the right decision by organisers and I think I ran a 10k on the shed-mill instead.

They offered to transfer entries to the April race, I forgot all about this until a couple of weeks ago when I received an email reminding me. I wouldn’t usually race the week after an ultra but seeing as though it was already paid for, I thought I might as well and see it as a training run. I’d been to the gym and ran a slow 5k on Wednesday, I felt ok and seem to be fully recovered after the LM 42.

We drove over the Kirkstone Pass, the weather was lovely and we reminisced about last weekend’s adventures as we turned the corner into Glenridding. It was busy, good! There’s still along way to go but thankfully businesses are up and running post-flooding. We arrived in Langdale in good time and as soon as we parked up I realised that I was starving! Luckily there was a tent selling cakes for charity so I had a sticky date slice and Ed had a coffee.

The route starts at the Dungeon Ghyll and is an undulating out and back on road. I’ve done it about 3 times and we have a tradition that I do it on my own and then Ed treats me to some jewellery from one of my favourite shops in Ambleside (Silver Moon)- a little incentive- works for me! I’m definitely Smaug, I love gemstones and jewellery.

Anyway, I set off ok (having had a few drinks the night before, I was already at a slight disadvantage). I was thinking that I’d just play it safe after the LM 42 and pootle along. It’s an undulating route and my mantra for this race is ‘for every uphill there is a downhill’, an encouraging thought. I thought about things I have to do, the perpetual question of ‘what’s for tea?’ But I also thought about things that I have to look forward to… The ebb and flow of these thoughts took over and soon I was at the 5k mark.

In the past I would have said that hills were a disadvantage to me but I found myself looking forward to a bit of graft, as I said, I was cruising along and was mindful that I didn’t want to stretch myself too much post ultra. Before I knew it, I was at the finish and a PB for this route- a real surprise!

I met Ed and after a cuddle, retrieved my long overdue Christmas Pudding, then it was off to choose my jewellery (a sweet tradition) well deserved as Ed says.

Thanks to organisers and marshals, a great race as always.

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