Medal of the Month

As this post is a day late, I decided to base my choice on the theme of ‘lateness’.

This medal is from the Crazy Cow 10k, a race that I absolutely hated (nothing to do with the race itself, well organised, pleasant route…) and we almost missed, arriving minutes before the start.

We’d been at a wedding the night before down in Rochdale, as we were staying over, we borrowed my parents campervan and camped at a great site in Delamere Forest. The weather was beautiful and we sat outside enjoying a few drinks before heading to the evening do. The reception was lovely and we entered into the party spirit, getting a taxi back to the campsite in the early hours. I retrieved the wash kit from the van and we headed off to the loos to brush our teeth. Being the dutiful wife that I am, I put the toothpaste on Ed’s brush for him and pointed him to the gents (a thin wall separating them from the ladies). I went in and ran the tap, looked at myself in the mirror and surveyed the damage, as I put the toothbrush into my mouth I remember it tasting a bit strange- medicinal… and it having a weird oily texture, I heard Ed exclaim “ERGH! WHAT THE %€$# IS THAT??” We both ran out of the toilets and he was waving the toothbrush around, I got the wash kit and found that the toothpaste that I’d so lovingly put onto our brushes was actually Germoline.

Anyway, waking up the next day with a slight clovey taste lingering, I was not feeling like running 10k. Still, we’d entered and reluctantly agreed that we should do it. We were driving around in the campervan for ages trying to find the place, the satnav was taking us around cul de sac after cul de sac, I was secretly pleased that we might just miss the race. Sadly we found it, with minutes to spare.

The route was lovely around canals and trails. Ed was full of the joys. All I could taste was Germoline. I cried during the last mile.



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