Sun shining, top down, sunglasses on, Biffy Clyro blaring out…CD skipping a bit…I raced home, Ed follows shortly after, we grab our stuff and go! Off to Keswick on this beautiful evening. We catch up on each other’s day, excited about our summer plans. He’s happy and so I am too.

We park where the path begins and get to work on the steady climb. It’s my first run for almost two weeks and I’m feeling it. 


Thankfully, the views were too stunning not to be a distraction and soon we’re racing each other to the bench just below the summit.

I love the descent off Latrigg and it always makes me feel so joyful. We jumped and cartwheeled our way down, laughing at each other all the way. Last time we were here together it was wet and I’d ended up covered in mud. This time, it was forgiving and bouncy so we made good time heading down to the ‘rollercoaster’.



We jogged along the final section and had a bit of a philosophical discussion about perception, emotion and pain, by the time we reached the car we were at an impasse and so naturally discussion of the really important question got into full swing and continues to this moment….What’s for tea?


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