Between the World

A free Sunday meant that it was adventure time! We decided to recce a section of the Pennine 39, from Garrigill over Cross Fell and Dun Fell, back to Garrigill… All new to me.

Soundtrack for today, Parra for Cuva.

We parked outside a little church and picked up the Pennine Way, it was definitely vest weather although I wasn’t quite brave enough for shorts yet. The moors were teeming with bird life and the good thing about ground nesting birds is that they make themselves very visible on approach, meaning you get a good look and can hear their calls. I was pleased to have numerous sightings of Lapwings, Curlews and Black Grouse each with their own distinctive call.

It’s a gentle climb up towards Cross Fell, this continues for a good few miles.   

Just before the final ascent is the charming Gregg’s Hut.


New game:

Banged Up Abroad or Mountain Hut?

We made the climb onto Cross Fell, home of the only named wind in the British Isles, the Helm Wind. It wasn’t too bad today and the sunny haze meant that you could just about pick out the main peaks of the Lakes.

We ate a cheese an onion pasty and leisurely jogged on to Little Dun Fell.

Next was the enormous ‘golf ball’ situated at the summit of Great Dun Fell. This magnificent radome is visible for miles and is an Air Traffic Control Radar. Also home to Britain’s highest road, this is ranked by The Guardian in the top ten toughest cycle climbs.


Luckily for us, it was pretty much all downhill from here back to Garrigill.

19 miles.


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