Got a nice little loop on the go, 3 miles. Down the road, past ‘the park with no swings’ (I coined that phrase at the age of 4 when I insisted my Nana took me to the cemetery rather than the play park, didn’t know what a cemetery was, park with no swings…it works), round the houses and by the river. About .2 of a mile short so I have to run past the house for a bit… You can’t have everything I guess.

It was hot today, I had stuff on my mind.

 I hate flies, there were lots of flies.

Now I’m lying on the couch in the conservatory, the fan is whirring. The clouds are steadily becoming darker and creeping into all of the blue. There are sparrows on the bird feeder. There are two different UK varieties of sparrow, I first noticed it when I lived near Southwaite. The sparrows had different markings, a dark circle on each cheek- Tree Sparrows. These ones are just as full of character but no black cheek- House Sparrows. 

Fear not, therefore; you are of more value than many sparrows.

Matthew 10:31

That saying came to mind. Then it got greyer, the sparrows bickered over leftover bread and flew into the rhododendron. I looked up ‘sparrows’- I missed them! As birds go, they’re good company…well good to watch. I came across this article:

Studies of a Dead Sparrow, Vincent van Gogh, 1885

And now they’re back! To be a sparrow!


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