Carlisle Tri 10K Race Report

Third time doing this event, it’s just down the road and so no excuses. Since the Kirkcudbright Half last weekend I’d been feeling stiff but that usually eases off once I start running so I didn’t want to let that stop me.

The weather was beautiful and cool breeze made for good running conditions. The race starts at Carlisle Racecourse and follows quiet country roads, the same roads I used to train on when I lived at Southwaite.

As soon as the race started I was in pain, I must have pulled something in my groin as every step was hurting. I thought about just stopping and pulling out but mentally I was really looking forward to the race. I hoped as I said earlier that it might settle down and resigned myself to ‘just getting round’. The start of the route is a slight uphill past The Black Lion and the old White Quay before turning off towards Ratten Row.

It was so frustrating because I know that I had more in me but it was just too uncomfortable, I was looking forward to up and downhills just to change my stride a little and make things a bit more bearable. After 3.5 miles-ish the route emerges onto the main road to Durdar and it’s a steady run to the crossroads. It seemed to go quickly and I was finally managing to get my head around the discomfort. It gave me space to think about the past few weeks but I couldn’t navigate my way through my thoughts. My head is like a labyrinth, I wander around in circles, it’s just dead ends and I keep losing the thread.

A neon arrow marker reminded me that I was on the right track, at least physically, and I made the turn from the crossroads back towards the finish.

I overtook a couple of people at the end and was happy to finish in 47.01, 8th in my category out of 50, 9th woman overall…so another top ten finish. Maybe mental anguish is what I’ve been missing.



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