Workington 10K Race Report

I’m sat in my little car (Eunos, MK1, red, if anyone is interested) in Workington right now waiting for my race to start. It was a spontaneous decision, Ed is running the Skiddaw Fell Race, my idea of hell, leaving me at a loose end. I could have gone and supported him but I would have wanted to race. So after a late night Google, I was pleased to find a 10k in Workington that allowed registration on the day. Why not?

Well I don’t feel so great, sore throat and general bad attitude- malaise Ed calls it. I don’t like doing races on my own either, I’m a bit of a baby and want to run into open arms at the end. Not today, we are born alone, we run alone and we die alone. I can hear Ed now- ‘man up chicken licken’

He’ll be manning up as I type this, his race starts in 28 minutes. He’ll be warming up- an alien concept to me, along with stretching….and training to be honest. I really should sort it out.

Blah, I generally write up post race so there’s that little positive spin that comes along with hindsight. I guess this is an insight into my pre race thinking that I wouldn’t usually write about, I don’t know if it’s helping! I knew it would be a while until the start so I brought my sewing to pass the time. I didn’t get much done, I’m about to have a nap.

And now I am done! The race itself was an out and back, mostly on cycle paths. It was very flat and so was tough. I felt snotty and had a sore throat from the outset but once I got going, I felt better. I have no idea how many entered or what my position was but I was pleased with my time of 46.34. Overall it was a very well organised event, thanks to marshals and volunteers. Good value for money as well. Back home for a bath and debrief with Ed who smashed his time from last year, well done stinkum! And now it’s time for tea!


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