Two stars and a boy bitten by a lizard

Been working so hard in Madrid, I’m now an expert at siestas, a master of eating and what can only be described as a demi-god at drinking.
I’ve also been committed to the gym and have been three times since arriving on Monday, even though it has been oppressively hot and I couldn’t think of anything that I’d less like to be doing. Still, I feel quite good for it. Working on a 1km warm up, .5km sprint, .5km jog and repeat until 5km.

So now I’ve talked about running, it means my blog still qualifies as a ‘running blog’. I can move onto other things. Yesterday we went to a two Michelin Star restaurant- Ramon Freixa. The menu was introduced by the chef himself. A wonderful experience, the highlight being a scallop dish, lightly seasoned with soy and fresh daikon, a smoked aubergine croquette with spiced marzipan and caviar and a decadent chocolate dish, with coconut ice cream and saffron. An amazing experience, giving us food for thought as we debated our favourite flavours whilst negotiating the designer shops.

A selection of some of the dishes:

We rounded of the evening with an Aperol Spritz and a disco on our balcony.

 Today, after the gym of course, we headed for the Thyssen. I was so pleased to see that there was a visiting collection of one of my favourite artists, Caravaggio. As soon as we walked in, I said to Ed that I hoped ‘Boy Bitten By Lizard’ would be there, and there it was- the very first painting in the collection:

Caravaggio, Boy Bitten By Lizard, 1594-96

After that and taking in the great masters, we descended into base pleasures and well….

What is art anyway?  

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