International Snowdon Race Report 2016

Here we go again. Round 3.

A year has gone by and a lot has changed, sadly no change in my training…. If anything, that’s gone downhill, well what’s on the continuum after ‘non-existent’ ha!

Still, I’ve been getting faster somehow and for me this race is never about time, it’s about suffering, finishing and then feeling better for it.

So we arrived on Friday, pretty exhausted after flying back from Madrid. Same hotel as last year. Woke up to shocking weather, low cloud, rain, just grey, grey, grey.

Pre-race selfie:

We walked down to the start, bringing our wet weather gear in case it was mandatory. 


It’s hard to review this race as it is quite simply 4.5 miles of up and 4.5 miles of down. Go figure. As it was, the rain made it slippery and there seemed to be a crazy amount of walkers on the route (some with greater awareness/sympathy for runners than others). 

 I felt OK and took it steady, we passed through the CP’s and reached the summit. The downhill was challenging for me, it was slippy and busy, I was scared of falling. Soon we were at the finish and beat last years time. I suck at this race compared to my other ones, I find it really difficult and it stresses me out beforehand. I’m always pleased to finish…but not quite as chipper as Ed…


Was it worth it? I was asked, well is anything worth it? It’s not exactly quantifiable but in terms of what I get out of it, well, I get to challenge myself, be humbled, suffer, be part of something that attracts the very best runners and spend time with Ed. So yes it’s worth it… Am I doing it again next year? Well I’ll see on March the 1st(?) when I have to stay up till midnight to sign up, then I’ll know if it’s really worth it.


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