Sore legs and a MinorTaur

Day one:We arrived at the campsite fairly early and pitched up next to Llyn Gwynant. 

The weather was overcast and muggy. I was feeling pretty beat from the race and my quads were killing me. Sometimes a little run can help loosen things up and so we decided to go for a jog around the lake. 
The footpath was marred by boggy reed beds and we were pleased when the path met the road and we were able to set a steady pace for a mile or so. We then picked up the boggy path again and after stopping to stroke a cat for a few minutes, carried on along the track. It got pretty steep and after negotiating a rocky section dropped back down to the flat section approaching the site.
Overall, a smidgeon over 5k, wet feet and some very tired legs.
Day two, we ventured out to Coed Y Brenin Forest Park for a morning of mountain biking. Now, I’m ok on a mountain bike, I can’t say that I have that much experience on trails, so it was an interesting prospect, certainly.

 We collected our bikes and consulted the route maps. We decided to go for the easiest section, a 10K route, to warm up.

After a few pointers, I was feeling pretty good and my ‘good’ fitness (recommended for mountain biking, thanks information board) set me in good stead and so the uphill struggles weren’t a problem. After completing the first trail, we regrouped at the van for a quick drink and had another look at route options. We eventually decided to go for the ‘MinorTaur’ Trail, an intermediate section with more variety and challenging switchbacks and berms. 

 We set off and ended up doing all three routes, confidence improving all the way.
After an hour or so we returned to the van for a snack and Ed went off to do the trail again, at a much faster and more reckless speed. I opted for a 4.3K (nearer 5K) run along the Roman Road called the Sarn Helen trail.

I was surprised just how challenging I found it after biking and the heat made it even worse but again, my legs felt better for it.

We called it a day after that and headed back to the campsite to plan our route for the following day- Snowdon Round Two!


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