Buff Cap Review

As I said in a previous post, Kitshack were kind enough to send me the Buff Cap to review. I’ve had this cap for a few weeks now and I really have put it through its paces.

Here’s how it got on!


I’d been looking for a decent cap for a while, I’d previously had a standard running cap, you know, the kind with the plastic peak. That was fine but it could be bulky to put away and the peak was quite big, making it a little blinkering at times. Next, I’d tried a visor and, same issue with the peak, plus it obviously offered no protection from the sun.

When I first got my hands on the Buff cap, I was surprised at how lightweight and flexible it was. The material and neoprene peak means that it’s stuffable- perfect for ultras when the weather conditions can change dramatically and you might want to take it off and stuff it into your pack on the go.

It’s adjustable, a toggle on the back allows for tightening and loosening. There’s a gap as well, important for ponytails! I’ve worn this cap now in wet and dry conditions and it’s coped really well. Most recently I wore it for a alpine run over 50 miles, it felt comfortable and breathable. It dries fast and because the peak is neoprene I was able to dunk it in streams to provide some relief from the heat.

It’s reversible as well which is a cute feature.

It comes in a range of colour ways and you can pick it up at kitshack.com:



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