Stake Pass

Went for a couple of little jogs this week but was armed with Tupperware as they were blackberry picking missions, well worth it.

Today was a recce of a race that I’m going to do in a couple of weeks. When I said 55 miles was my  new ‘self imposed limit’ well… I lied.

Anyway, today, weather was improving. In fact, by the time we’d parked up in Stonethwaite, the sun was shining and it felt summery.

We crossed the bridge and picked up the stoney track by the river. I felt OK and almost back to normal. I was just about to say that out loud and then I slipped and did my shin in on the bottom of a footbridge. It was one of those ‘stop and take stock’ moments, you know when your life flashes before your eyes. I paused for thought, swore a bit and eventually got myself together. (I’m sat with frozen peas on it as we speak as it has swollen up like a massive egg)

Carried on, tentatively… Up Langstrath Valley, following the Cumbria Way to Stake Pass.

We climbed over the pass to get a good look into the Langdales and one of the ascents that we will be tackling in a couple of weeks. Not a big deal really but in the context of the race, the whole thing will be a challenge.

This was our turn-around point and we made our way back along the way we came. Overall, 10.5 miles and an amazing bruised shin.


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