Veni, vidi, vici

Beautiful day today! It’s been a fair week for running, 4 road miles on Tuesday, a tempo run in the gym on Thursday, out on the fells today. Tapering really for my redemption race (or maybe not, I could fail spectacularly, I’m not writing about it until it’s over…whatever the outcome because every time I start bigging up a race I seem to jinx it…)

Parked a the usual spot at the foot of the Caldbeck Fells and meandered our way up to High Pike. Stopping to pose on my favourite rock of course.

We got to the summit in good time and jogged the easy descent to Lingy Hut, dodging boggy bits as we progressed.

I do love mountain huts but the very basic ones remind me of prison cells…I don’t have any experience of being in custody! but it’s how I imagine it. I think it comes from Henry Charriere’s Papillon, one of my favourite books and the description of solitary confinement…Lingy Hut would be absolute luxury compared to the description Charriere gives. We had a good laugh at some of the graffiti on the walls. Aliens were a favourite, as was the comedy phallus, J.R.R Tolkein featured, veni vidi vici, Swim Team 2k15 woz ere, a dragon, a pony, a really eclectic mix. 

There’s a little box in there housing a tiny visitors book (where’s the proper one gone?) and handy things like matches, a pen, a gel, baccy and of course a book on Ephesus- standard mountain kit really.

The study of Classical Civilisation seems to be hunting me down, I can’t escape. I need to demonstrate more enthusiasm…..

Ed then went off to explore a path and I ran back to the summit of High Pike where I found a spot out of the wind, watched the clouds for a bit then had a nap. Veni, vidi, vici.

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