A Seamless Part of It

I’ve been for a couple of light jogs since the Cumbria Way Ultra, it’s all I could manage, I’m really feeling the after-effects this time. My ankles hurt, my hips are sore and I feel like I’m running like the tin man, clunky and stiff. I’ve been so exhausted this week, that hasn’t helped but I was determined to get out and do something!

It was a beautiful start to the day on Saturday, we decided to go to Whinlatter and do a 7 mile circular route up to Lord’s Seat. It was sunny and mild to begin with, Autumn colours starting to take over, lots of brambles left, purple heather and bright Fly Agaric toadstools decorating the stoney paths and vibrant moss of the forest floor.

It’s as if when you’re in the forest, you become a seamless part of it. When you’re in the rain, you’re a part of the rain. When you’re in the morning, you’re a seamless part of the morning. When you’re with me, you become a part of me.

Haruki Murakami – Kafka on the Shore

By the time we were at the top of Lord’s Seat, the weather forecast was pretty obvious- you didn’t need to be a meteorologist to work this one out!

As expected, the heavens opened and it rained and rained. It was invigorating and as Murakami expresses in the quote above, it helps to immerse you into the natural world, but also in the experience and if you’re sharing that with someone else….it makes it even more profound.

By the time we’d finished, reality hit and suddenly I felt cold, wet and human again!

I was reminded today of my frail flesh and bone body as I dragged myself around a a hilly 8 road miles, thoughts of rain and forests far away.


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