Trees and Lowther 10K

I finally feel pretty much back to normal. Went for a couple of little jogs during the week, nothing exciting. On Saturday we walked to the shop (a round trip of seven miles) on the way we were talking about trees, I’m pretty good with nature but my knowledge of trees ‘leaves’ a lot to be desired…yes that was an awful pun and I’m sorry that you had to read that.

Anyway, in an effort to improve my knowledge, a number of months ago, I purchased the Tree ID app, you select what you know about the tree, e.g. bark, leaf structure, fruit/seed etc. and it matches you with the most likely species. What would a dating app for trees be called? TIMBER. Again, I’m not sure what’s wrong with me today, too much coffee maybe. Long story short we were both hanging over a wall trying to get a better look at the bark of this one particular specimen and got clocked by someone from work- Owning up to having a tree identification app is almost as cringe-worthy as my earlier efforts at tree humour.

Tree identified, (it was an Ash- told you I was rubbish) and tea on, Ed noticed that there was a 10K at Lowther Castle on the Sunday, it used to be an attraction for kids with lots of activities, a circus etc. I remember knocking a hot pizza into my lap at the café there, back when my Nana Rex was alive, quite a few years ago now. It’s closed down since and reopened as a tea room and gallery with beautiful architecture and grounds, worth a visit.

So that was our Sunday. A glorious day of bright sunshine. The route is a mix of track, road and trail in and around the Lowther Estate. It was undulating and I felt pretty uncomfortable the whole way round, probably as I was trying quite hard! Ed was 14th man and I was 11th woman so we were both pleased with that. I wood end with a tree pun but I’m stumped.



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