Catbells and a cold evening 

Right now I’m sat wrapped in a patchwork quilt, it’s 80’s at 8pm on MTV Classic…after several attempts, I can’t get the dratted stove lit…Ed is away and I have to fend for myself and it’s not going too well actually.

Berlin’s Take my breath away begins to play, I have to admit to liking Top Gun but as cheesy films go, it has to be Cocktail for me…

It’s really cold! I’m going to have another crack at the stove but I’ll write this first.

On Saturday we embraced the brisk autumnal air and headed out to the fells. We parked at the foot of Catbells and headed up. I tried to run as much as I could and it was the first proper run I’ve had for a couple of weeks really. I felt like I needed to clear my head and shake off the week. The GoPro had stopped working a couple of weeks ago and luckily the replacement had arrived in time for Saturday’s outing, because it was an achingly beautiful day.

And now…I can’t seem to upload my pictures! Watch this space or check Instagram- hailultratrail

Here’s one for now:

It was 9 miles overall and one of my favourite runs ever.

On Sunday, it was bright with showers. We went to Talkin Tarn, the route around the water is 1.3 miles long, nice surface and very flat. We often go there to chat and clear our heads, it’s also great for running. I quite like it because there’s always lots of cute dogs, plus you pass the same people multiple times… every time I’ve been running laps, I always end up with a little fan club of walkers keen to know how many laps I’m doing, eager to let me know if i’m slowing down or whatever. It’s quite funny really. Anyway, Sunday was no different, plenty people out enjoying Autumn showers. 8 miles.

I had a break in between writing Saturday and Sunday- one final failed attempt at the stove… The only warm glow for me tonight will be from my rum infused hot chocolate.


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