Race the Sun

Ok so free weekend and we decided that we’d play a game. A little while ago, Eurosport aired Asics ‘Race the Sun’ a midsummer run around the Mont Blanc Range. Each team comprised of amateur and elite athletes ran legs of the journey with the aim of completing the route by sunset. It makes for tense watching but it’s immersive- check it out.

So here we are in the bleak midwinter….and at a loose end. So this weekend we’re doing our own silly version of ‘Race the Sun’.

Starting from our house, just outside of Dalston, we’ll be running to The Castle Inn at Bassenthwaite on Saturday. Setting off at sunrise, aiming to get there before sunset:

We’ll be carrying all our kit and be on fell most of the way. To help the situation, we have made some preparations…Ed hid two bottles of prosecco in a bush, just outside the hotel…let’s hope they’re still there when we arrive!

Let’s hope he remembers where he hid it….

Day two, we’ll be running home, taking a lower-level route back across the Caldbeck Fells.
I’m super excited for an adventure!

Check out my new Ultra-Thoughts page on FB!

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