Beat the Sun

Well today was our mini adventure. I wanted to stay in bed but Ed coaxed me out with a cuppa and some porridge so all was well. Beautiful day weather-wise and as we set off we knew we were in for a great day.

The Cumbria Way section is always a pleasure and we took our time, admiring the graceful herons, dippers and wagtails along the way.

I often get asked ‘what do you talk about for x many hours?’ And the question always baffles me….surely you can talk with your partner about anything? Or nothing? And it not be a bind…we talked about philosophy today, how zoo-keepers chop bananas, religious art-triptychs in particular, first food memories…in the first 6 miles anyway.Eventually we passed through Caldbeck and made our way to Nether Row towards the fells. We took our usual route up High Pike, so different from last week. Almost all the snow had disappeared, it was freezing though and we passed through in a hurry as we were really starting to feel the cold.

Next stop, Lingy Hut. Quick break and a piece of cake!

We then cut down the valley and made great time. The snowfall had made it particularly boggy and there was a lot of ground water. Saw a grouse and chatted about Caravaggio.

After a little while we reached Skiddaw House, we had the option here to extend the route or keep to the plan…we were cold and hungry and so stuck to the plan. We followed the track down to Dash Falls.

We then cut across the road next to Peter House Farm and followed muddy footpaths to Bassenthwaite Village where we picked up the road. Soon our destination of The Castle Inn was in sight and (after a little rooting around in the bushes…) our drop bag was retrieved and we beat the Sun! Hurray!Then it was time for a hot bath and room service- need to rest up for our run home tomorrow!

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