Wednesday, weather was terrible. Is there any worse feeling than when something that you’ve looked forward to for so long is over??

Well, we finished Christmas shopping and headed to Keswick for a little jog. We reminisced about the previous day and relived each course…all 18! Needless to say, it wasn’t the most ‘quality’ running effort, but the dark brooding sky, forest smells and fresh air were a welcome refresher and that was it, just over 5 miles done.

Thursday, storm Barbara was moving in….perfect day for hill repeats up High Pike. 90 seconds on 90 seconds off…50mph winds. I never thought I’d make it to the summit in 10 reps, with it being so windy, it really was a battle. 90 seconds felt like a lifetime. I was trying to pace myself and the following popped into my head from a recent Carol Service:

Perfect tempo.

Anyway, I surprised myself and made it to the summit in under 30mins.

Then it was home for Ed to cook the Christmassy ham for tea…

…and for me to work on my illustrations:

Check out ‘Ultra-thoughts’ on Facebook for more- you might have seen one in Ultra Mag, there are two more to come. I’m currently working on various requests- so if you’re interested in a digital copy or original piece, please do get in touch!

Today…speed work at the gym…5k race pace..sweaty and boring…but home made sausage rolls as reward- gaudete!


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