Winder to Cautley Spout and back

Thursday was a beautiful day. We decided to do a run around th Howgills, so we parked at the foot of Winder Fell in Sedbergh and got going.

Although it was the most beautiful clear day, it was also one of the coldest days and even in the sun the cold was biting. It meant that we didn’t linger for too long on the tops, too cold to stand around, even though the views were stunning.

After we ticked off Winder we cut around Arant How  and carried on towards The Calf. From here we cut down the path by the waterfalls of Cautley Spout. Apparently there was an Iron Age settlement at the foot of the falls. It has been suggested that the waterfall may have had special significance for these ancient people as archeologists found a carefully built, stone lined track leading from the settlement to the falls where it just seems to stop. It’s a beautiful spot.

By the time we made our way back along the base of the fells it was 11 miles.


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