Kendal Winter Series- Scout Scar

Managed a couple of days at the gym last week, intervals under Ed’s instruction… I’m trying to be a bit more focused with training *involuntary shudder* this year and so heart rate and intervals and speed work and tempo and other words…like stretching.…are becoming part of my vocabulary. My goal is to get a little better, I’m tired of feeling like I’m scraping by, I want to be a bit fitter and a little more confident. 

So anyway, Sunday we decided to do the first race in the Kendal Winter Series-Scout Scar. I know it well, I love running around there and of course the Kendal Mountain Festival 10K crosses over Scout Scar.

It was a little different though, it started on field and crossed onto fell, a few climbs that went on but nothing too steep. It was kinda like cross country, whatever it was, it was hard work.

This was the view from where we parked:

The fog was thick and that was it most of the race, it was only 4.8 miles but it was hard work. The pace was super fast, the rocky limestone sections were greasy and the mud was sapping. I struggled to pace myself as everything was runnable and so I felt pushed the whole time. I know the views are usually stunning up there but there was nothing to be seen. Saying all that, it was enjoyable to do something out of my comfort zone, plus it was over really quickly.

It was nice to be part of a ‘big’ race, there was around 250 runners, a large field for a race like this. Unfortunately y ankle has been niggling again since New Year and it’s been a pain at the gym today… i’m not sure the race did it any favours. Hopefully it will hold out as I have a 10K this weekend and Peddars Way Ultra on the 29th- fingers crossed!


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