Resolution 10K

There are a few small pleasures in life, like when your Garmin uploads first time…

Regular readers, (hi Mum and Dad!..there may be others…say hi!) will know that I’m not one for focused training, up to now I’ve done plenty to keep ticking over and it hasn’t done me any harm. Since mid-December I’ve been ‘training’ so that means three times a week, including a race most weekends. 

Have I got any better? Well hard to say, I’ve been doing fell races mostly and so haven’t had anything to compare results with. Today, I did a race that I’ve run twice before and so I felt a little nervous….have I got any better? Has the training that I’ve done so far made a difference?

The Resolution 10K is a road race, starting at Carlisle Racecourse, it heads uphill past Stoneraise School before turning off towards Ratten Row. It meanders round the back roads before a long stretch towards Durdar. From here it heads back to the Racecourse.

It’s pretty uninspiring route-wise, I mean road 10K’s usually are. But it is well organised, lots of marshalls and a great venue. There were 400 runners this year, an excellent turn out, plus 5k options for both juniors and seniors.

I had a time in mind but really I’d have been happy to beat last year’s time (well same route and organiser, it was the Summer) – I’d overperformed rather so it was a tough ask.

I set off fast and it was hard, these things never actually get easier, you’re just able to try harder! So I tried pretty hard. It was wet and grey and blah but I tried to keep up the pace. I’ve had this song in my head for the past day or so, the chorus was stuck on a loop the whole way:

I had a gel at mile 3, I hate gels.

It was over pretty quick and I beat my time by around 3 mins and got a pb. Still a long way to go but I was happy to be in the top 10% of female finishers and 10th out of the 80 senior females. 

So I’m very excited that in two weeks I’ll be heading to Norfolk for my first ultra of the year Peddars Way (49 miles). Did it last year and hopefully we’ll be a little faster, although again, we did pretty well to finish in 9hours 40mins…we’ll see, i’ll have to be careful though as I don’t want to get fatigued/injured whilst I’m in such a positive place with training. Still got that chorus in my head……


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